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While we do not require a membership to use our facility, we do offer them to those who would like to save if they plan to come often. A membership includes FREE skate during all business hours and 10% off all shop purchases (not including concessions). Weekend, weekly, monthly, 3 month, summer (June-August), semester (August-December OR January-May), 6 month, school year (September-May) and yearly memberships are available. We also offer a yearly membership option that allows the member to pay only $5 all day everyday when they come. Pricing is based off of hours of operation during the school year and summer, since we are open longer during the summer. You can call the shop and purchase a membership over the phone, or come in person to sign up for a membership. We do occasionally run specials on memberships, so check our Instagram, @aboveboardskate to see if there is currently a special. You can purchase a membership in person, by phone, or online below. ALL participants must have a waiver on file, and those under 18 are required to wear a helmet.


Weekly (7 Days) - $50 *save $30

Monthly - $155 *save $125

3 months - $300 *save $425

6 months - $420 *save $1,090

Yearly - $550 *save $2,490

$5 Yearly - $100 *save $2,690

Pre-paid Sessions:

5 Sessions     |   $37.50     ($7.50/session)      *save $2.50

10 Sessions   |   $70.00     ($7.00/session)      *save $10

30 Sessions   |   $180.00   ($6.00/session)     *save $60

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